"If I hear the name Edward Nygma one more time I swear to Fucking God...", and other outbursts I've made while gazing into the eyes of the internet

I can be a victim of hype like anyone.

I was excited to see The Dark Knight as much as anyone, anticipating it with bated breath in October.

I've probably pushed Disney's The Princess and The Frog harder than anyone outside of The Disney Studios, for which I assume I will be recompensed at some point.

But seriously, this shit has got to fucking stop.

I can't take fanboys anymore. It's the unfortunate byproduct of a summer full of geek love, which I was originally glad for. Now I see it's cost. It's cost, as I Have detailed in the past, is a rabid, vociferous and self-satisfied fan base that I will have to put up with for the foreseeable future.

If you didn't get the link, it's to a page on firstshowing.net that has a fanboy poster that he submitted. And it's an excellent poster. Could easily be considered professional. But it's the non-stop deluge of discussions on what happens in movie three that accompanies it that I can't handle.

And again, I admit my guilt. I've explained to a few of you what I would like to see done with the third, but it seems like no one wants to be satisfied with what was an excellent movie. Like crack addicts, they immediately posit on the next film.

My critical mistake was posting on that page. I couldn't resist trying to cool the flames, pointing out that other than Frank Gorshin's Riddler (from the Adam West TV Series), no incarnation of the Riddler has been anything other than, well, a little sad. No one knows what to do with him, and so no one really has. Gorshin's manic performance, which became the inspiration for the modern Joker, is the only highlight in the character's career. In the animated series, he was barely used; Jim Carrey's Riddler was a joke, and not in the flattering way; In the comics he's become little more than a nerd in a bowler hat. Why does anyone want to bring him back? So unfortunately I posted that, and have had, to date, 68 responses, with 41 of them telling me I should know better. I should have.

And why does anyone want Killer Croc? Or Clayface? They'd be ridiculous in Nolan's world. In a different but equally farcical way than The Riddler.

Riddle me this: Why is it that a subculture of filmgoers that prides itself on its vitriol of mainstream cinema collectively wets themselves when they hear about Johnny Depp as The Riddler? The only person who actually believes that Johnny Depp is counter-culture anymore is Johnny Depp. When you make over 20 mil a picture, that's as radical as apple pie, and not in the flattering way. Angelina Jolie, too. You'll shit on her Lara Croft, but you'll eat up her Selina Kyle. In what world where you take yourselves seriously does that seem fair? Riddle me that.

Don't get me wrong. When the time comes that the Nolan's choose to make TDK3, if they do, I'll be excited as anyone else to hear the rumors and see the viral campaigns. But not the ones that High Lord Asdlevar photoshops in his basement in Poughkeepsie, however excellent they may be.

Riddle me this: When does someone spend all their time in the future?

When they can't be satisfied with the present.

And I don't mean that in a flattering way.

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