My Movin' Jar, and other resignations about existence

I know, three months, shut up.

I've been busy.

So, quick thought about....the election (dramatic music ici).

I'm done.

No, I wasn't a McCain supporter, nor was I really, to be honest with myself, a Barack supporter. I just wanted something to affirm my basic belief in American democracy, so I could finally stop labeling myself as a monarchist when people ask me what political party I belong to.

Which brings me to my Movin' jar.

It sits on top of my bookcase. It's an old mason jar with, as of this morning, 351.65 in it. The purpose of said jar is to save up enough money (approx. 3000) to expatriate myself, and move to another country. Here's why. American television programs are now seen all around the globe. And I've received every assurance that Thor will be hitting the World's theaters in 2010.

So, why am I here? Or, to those of you still listening, why am I leaving in 2648.35?

The election.

Yeah, we elected a new and, by all accounts, awesome dude for Top American. I'm thrilled. It's my favorite Bravo program. But go to any message board. Go to any Op-Ed news channel/page. Talk to anyone.

America hasn't changed. Americans haven't changed. And, at the risk of sounding like the future expatriate I am, Americans are what's wrong with America. Not Red America, not Blue America, America and it's people as a whole are a self-righteous, overly-opinionated knee-jerk mob even by the sort of generic low standards I have for over eight or so humans in a room as a whole. The party calling the tune has changed, but the tragic Sgt. Musgrave's Dance of American life moves ever onward towards oblivion.

I don't want to come off as holier-than-thou. This is my problem, not everyone else's. Because i don't have much to believe in that isn't Teddy Ruxpin or Sweden's Royal House of Bernadotte suddenly annexing Massachusetts, I'm probably less tolerant of this because I don't have a side, so I never really feel the validation of my team winning, so my faith in the system is never really vindicated.

I think I'm ending this post here, before it gets either A.) More Maudlin, or B.) Less logical.

Hey, a quarter!

2648.10. Lyon, je suis sur mon chemin!

Au revoir in however long this takes,
Jean-Jacques Breyten RM