Glorious New Undertakings

Some of you may have heard of this project, some may have not:

My fellow conspirator over at the Wiry Libertine and I have long held, as our sacred goal, the desire to watch every Disney Animated Feature ever made, and then categorically rank and score them. We have begun this massive undertaking here . we sincerely hope that you join us in our quest with your support, thoughts, prayers (if applicable) and financial donations (we won't say no). If you'd like to join us for a viewing, get in touch with us and let us know. We'll try to find a way to involve you.

It begins.

I've said it Before, And I'll Say It Again

I have faith in Disney.

Not the blind, fanatical devotion I once had. No, I see Disney now for what it truly is. Flawed, yet beautiful. Our relationship is deeper now. More real. Stronger. I love Disney more now than I did five years ago.

Why this succinct yet profound declaration of love?:

She's why. Also this one....

These are shots from the two upcoming Disney films Rapunzel (above) and The Princess and The Frog (still above, but below Rapunzel).

I have often expressed great excitement over these upcoming releases, as they are both attempts by the creative powers within Disney to return to their more traditional, musical-based formulas that were so successful for much of the Disney canon. I can't stress enough my support for them committing to simple yet smart artistic decisions. For The Princess and The Frog, it's a Jazz Age New Orleans setting, which provides a lot of fun and intersting musical an character choices within a simple concept. Rapunzel, while details are relatively unknown still, has been describing it's artistic inspiration as Rococo, which makes me super excited to see what they do with that artistically. Despite her quasi-obnoxious "girl power-y" pose that I have frankly grown weary of, I am charmed by what I have seen of her so far.

You will be too. We all will be. We are witnessing a rebirth. Let us welcome it with open arms.

Ewwwww, Disney placenta!


Commenting on my own comments, and other Realities in Escher's Universe.


Top 5 Top 5 Lists:

top 5 Early 90s Animated TV Shows NOT AFFILIATED with the Disney Channel:
5.) King Arthur and the Knights Of Justice:
It's an entire starting HS football team (HS archetypes/stereotypes) transported to Ancient England (culture shock humor) and given enchanted armor with magical powers (mechas). There is no weak point.
4.) Animaniacs/Pinky and The Brain/Freakazoid:
WB Kids single-handedly shaped my childhood humor lobe towards existential bizarrities with these shows. Even if only Anton and I think Freakazoid is funny.
Single baddest (coolest in 90s-speak) guitar solo theme in history. Suck it Top Gun.
2.) Batman: The Animated Series:
This show brought children into the worlds of Steampunk, Art Deco, and Film Noir. No other show can claim such a grand success artistically.
1.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
The single largest marketing orgasm of the late 80s-early 90s. I don't know a single boy within a five year range of me that DIDN'T own Turtle gear.

top 5 movies that contained a Cusack:
5.) High Fidelity - The movie that told me it was okay to obsess about Top 5 lists.
4.) Meet The Robinsons - A really Sweet Disney Movie with Joan Cusack as the voice of the Grandmother/Mother.
3.) The Sure Thing - It actually contains the lines "Dear Penthouse, I never thought I'd be writing to you...." and the lines "Lapsang Souchong? That's really more of a studying tea."
2.) In and Out - Ahhh, the movie where Kevin Kline tried vainly to convince us all he wasn't gay. .....wait, that was a movie?
1.) Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil - That's right, I like this one more than Being John Malkovich. Face!

top 5 songs that you just wish would die:
5.) Since You've Been Gone, by Kelly Clarkson - There are only so many songs I can stand hearing shrieked by drunken girls at a party.
4.) Golddigger, by Kanye West - This song has given him waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to much power. Also, am I the only one a little sick of Jamie Foxx?
3.) If I had A Million Dollars, by The Bare-Naked Ladies - I don't care how funny or ironic it is, let it die. I don't want a goddamn fruit-roll up. And if I had a million dollars tax free, I would NOT eat Spamghetti.
2.) I Try, by Macy Gray - Seriously, what were we all thinking?
1.) American Pie, by Don McLean - Not only is it twenty goddamn minutes long, it is cliched and oversung by people who try to be deep and there's no guitar solo. I can't STAND it.

top 5 comic book characters I could take:

5.) Black Bolt - This guy's voice is so powerful that he could level cities with a whisper. So he has no mutant powers and is super-paranoid. I think I can handle that.
4.) Dr. Johannes Krauss - From Hellboy, He's gas in a jar. it's fancy-shmancy gas in a cool-ass jar, but that doesn't change anything.
3.) The Mad Hatter - I love this cat, but he's a joke. Even with the apropos team up with Scarecrow, he was still ridiculous.
2.) Mr. Mxyzplk - For an interdimensional being with a bad-ass sense of humor and nearly limitless power....what a sucker.
1.) Don McLean - I don't care if he is a comic-book character, I'll draw him into one. He has it coming for American Pie (see above).

top 5 Disney Movies, ever, for cereal, no one can call BS on this*:
*= because of the super-sensitivity in our circle of friends on this issue, and the fact that I could write a dissertation on this, I will restrain myself to listing. I welcome any criticisms/debate.

5.) The Great Mouse Detective.
4.) Sleeping Beauty.
3.) The Little Mermaid.
2.) Aladdin.
1.) Beauty and The Beast.

top 5 categories for the game Kill/F*ck/Marry:

5.) Disney Princesses.
4.) European Monarchs.
3.) Video Games.
2.) Obscure Olympic Sports.
1.) Types of Meat.

Behold my awesome abilities to listificate! Debate my beliefs, but know they are always right.