Seriously, it's not an option

I demand DEBATE!

Ooodles, gobs, smorgasbords of DEBATE! I crave it! My soul needs competitive banter to survive! It becomes a shriveled pod of hate that was once the fruit of knowledge! DO YOU HEAR ME?! MY SOUL BECOMES A RAISIN!

To prevent this, I have raised a few subjects I would like some scholarly reflection upon:

Top 5 ' "Oh, this song is so lame!" and then you dance anyways' Songs of All Time

Top 5 Biggest Movie Letdowns (movie doesn't have to be bad, just not what you hoped)


Top 5 Comic Book Characters you think you could take in a fight

Let's go! You show me yuors, and I'll show you mine!


Theories on The Mythic Nortwestern Pacific

Ah Seattly.

Noble Seattly.

Sweet Seattly.

The bluest skies you've ever seen in Seattly,
And the hills the greenest green in Seattly.

I'm done.

It's been on my mind of recent. A friend of mine just moved out there, and I've been doing my damnedest to see, if a certain something goes my way, if I can too. I also just sent out three plays, one one-act and two full-lengths, to their playwriting festival.

I've lost what little perspective I have on my own work. I could write the next Great American Novel and be unable to distinguish it from 'FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL 617-775-2616'. That frustrates me, but all I can do is keep moving forward, and hope that Seattle is hip to the jive I'm spinning.

Do kids still say that? hip?

I don't know anymore.

Caspian this weekend. Everyone keep an open mind. Give this the respect that you all gave Lord Of The Rings. It's not LOTR's cute kid brother. It's an equal.

Also, Speed Racer hurt. A lot. But I'll still support it. Speed needs our prayers now more than ever.


I miss Drew......Like Jim Krasinski misses Rainn

Bear with me. I promise to keep reality-related posts to a minimum. After this, I'll try to keep to pop-culture commentary.

My cubi-pal Drew is on vacation this week. He and his girlfriend are going to Cabo, which should be fun. Still, he was my first 'work friend' and I miss him.

It's weird, I always dreamed that the person I worked with would be like Dwight from 'The Office'. You know, the dour, 9 to 5 soul who doesn't get my hip rhetoric and ability to compare various preserved fruits to children's television shows without using Strawberry Shortcake thank you very much. In fact, I think that's what I kind of hoped for. Instead, the first time I brought up Ducktales, and asked if he thought he was a Huey, Dewey, Or Louie, he answered, without batting an eyelash, "I'm more of a Bubba."

Fuck! How cool is that. He's like some sort or pre-brined pickle, he's so cool.

Without him I've just got Mark, who, though a nice enough guy, just kind of nods, smiles and says "yup." whenever I try to wax poe-wit-ical. It sucks.

Anyhow, that's all I got.

Iron Man: May be my favorite Marvel movie yet.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall: There's a Dracula Puppet Musical. That's all that needs be said.